• Manufacturing

    To provide more thorough service to fulfill the requests from each and every customer, we have established our own in-house assembly line. Strictly supervised by a professional and highly experienced engineer team, each customer from any field will be offered their own unique assembly and QC solution.

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  • Quality Mangement

    With our investment in inspection facilities and specially trained personnels, we can proactively monitor our products from every aspect. Not only do we have the ability to identify material composition from the actual part, we can also control dimensional parameters, mechanical characteristics, and cosmetic finishing...etc.

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  • Sourcing

    To free our customers from the financial burden and enormous time of developing a new product, we have sourcing centers both in Taiwan and China to find existing off-the-shelf products and set up complete supply chains in various manufacturing processes based on our customers' drawings, specs, or samples.

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  • Co-designing

    As a pioneer in the industry, we are capable of manufacturing based on customers' drawings, or establish drawings based on customers' samples; furthermore, we can provide our professional advise on the design of the parts. We follow a disciplined regulation on the procedure of every case to ensure the development goes smoothly. Simply let us know your needs and we will offer you the best solution!