Here in Antung we have our own in-house assembly line supervised by a professional engineer team. By performing strict quality control, we are able to provide customized services to customers from various fields.
  • To ensure the quality of incoming materials and components, Antung set up a standard procedure for cosmetic inspection, dimensional check, and functional test... etc. In addition, we establish customized inspection standards by each customers requirement.
  • We build up SOPs by each item to ensure every single step is executed precisely by operaters at each station during the whole assembly process. This way we maximize the capacity whilst minimizing failure.
  • We design customized fixtures and jigs to assure all the parts are produced with conformity , accuracy and interchangeability.
  • A customize tray with all the components placed in its specific position will be prepared prior to the assembly to prevent missing parts and to make sure the entire assembly process is operated properly.
  • IPQC is executed at each station to detect if any issue occurs during the process and to react immediately.
Quality Management
  • While assembling, the whole process is rigorously monitored by our engineering teams. Aside from IQC and OQC, we thoroughly perform IPQC throughout the assembly. For example, air leakage test, tensile strength test, aging test, material analysis, and penetrant test... etc., are all strictly carried out by in-house equipment and outsourced labs/factories.
  • To verify that the products are compliant with the standards requested by customers, we issue inspection reports and quality records that consist of all the requested certificates and inspections.